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The “Anti-How-to-Market-In-a-Down-Economy” Post

Thursday, Jan 22 2009

The world needs another “how to market in a down economy” blog post like a hole in the head.  For every person who touts the fact that “now is the best time to advertise” there is someone else writing about the virtues of shifting all efforts to measured online media, or shifting everything to the more economical social media.  In fact here’s a link to Business Week’s conglomeration of related articles -  Enough!


Turn Up Digital Creative in a Downturn

Wednesday, Feb 20 2008

You can’t read, listen to, or watch anything about business lately that doesn’t have to do with speculation on the economy. A lot of the speculation we in ad agencies read, not surprisingly, centers around how advertising will fare. Because ad budgets are one of the first things affected when businesses sense a downturn.