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Bring Back The Love

Saturday, Aug 16 2008

Geert Desager is a Trade Marketing Manager in South East Asia for Microsoft. Geert spearheaded the making of a commercial for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. The short film, called The Couple, makes a strong statement about the relationship between today’s advertiser and today’s consumer. It was a risky project considering that the ad challenges advertisers and agencies - the target clients for this Microsoft solution - to question themselves and the way they communicate with consumers.

In June, the commercial won a Bronze Lion at Cannes and we at Brunner Digital find it . . . well . . . simply hysterical and right on point. The first commercial was so successful Geert did a sequel. They both promote the advancement of one-to-one, integrated and smart digital marketing in a thoroughly entertaining fashion. Take a look below:

If you would like to learn more about the making of the commercial, check out Geert’s blog, Bring the love back. And oh by the way, Brunner Digital is here to help you bring back the love. Lot’s of love.

As GM goes, so goes . . .

Thursday, May 1 2008

Jean Halliday reported in the March 17, 2008 Digital Issue of Advertising Age that GM is shifting “fully half of its $3 billion budget into digital and one-to-one marketing within the next three years.” If there are still doubts that digital should be a substantial element of advertising and marketing plans, then let GM’s “roar” serve as a clarion call. As Halliday wrote, “as GM goes, so goes the entire automotive industry . . .” Hyundai is doubling its online spending in 2008. GM is dissuading their dealers from doing spot TV advertising and moving dealer efforts online. The Kelsey Group expects that by 2010 nearly 40% of auto advertising will be done via local online and directional media — an estimated $10.8 billion piece of the pie.

Marketers should not only take note of the dollars GM and the rest of the auto industry are shifting to digital, but the type of digital these dollars are buying. We’re not just talking banner ads here. Efforts include gaming, search, mobile and a broad array of applications.

And this trend goes beyond the automotive industry. Here is a list of facts from Jonathan Lemonnier’s March 26th Ad Age article on alternative media spending increases. Alternative media includes online, mobile, entertainment and digital out-of-home advertising.

  • Spending on alternative media hit $74.43 billion in 2007, a 22% increase over 2006
  • Forecasts predict a 20.2% increase over next year, to a total of $88.24 billion
  • By 2012, 26.6%, $160.82 billion, of all advertising and marketing dollars will be spent on alternative media
  • Interactive marketing alone which includes e-direct marketing, word-of-mouth and e-custom publishing increased by 24.4% in 2007 to $11.9 billion

Of course, GM isn’t directing its entire $3 billion budget into digital and one-to-one. They understand that these are important communication modes in an overall, integrated marketing program. Broadcast, outdoor, direct, etc. are still and will continue to be warranted. Unlike many marketers though, GM realizes that digital must be given equal resources to have a measurable impact within a marketing-mix model.