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The Year of Mobile?

Sunday, Jun 22 2008

One of the perks of this industry is the opportunity to go to the occasional industry conference. Besides the opportunity to connect with old friends, and meet some new ones, I’ve found it very typical to leave whatever conference du jour with at least 2 things –

1) Validation - validation that you’re on the right path, and staying ahead of the curve.


2) “THE phrase” that everyone keeps repeating over and over.


Is the art of conversation dead?

Monday, Mar 31 2008

While seated at dinner the other night, I heard my Blackberry alert for an incoming text message. I should have left it alone but wondered over to pick it up and see who the sender was. Of course it was from my 20 year old daughter who texts constantly to the entire world. The most interesting thing was that she was actually just across the table from me but chose to communicate through text messaging rather than talk. So like a good dad I asked her why she didn’t just tell me and her reply was “Oh sorry I always text when I can’t be bothered to talk to someone, I forgot it was you” one brief apology later and all was well. Its no wonder that last year in one month alone Verizon reportedly handled 10 Billion text messages