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Are You Prepared for Mobile?

Monday, Jan 7 2008
Upon reflecting back on all of the conversations that I’ve had in 2007, mobile marketing is one topic that comes up almost on a daily basis. And in 2007 we’ve certainly had an opportunity to help some of our clients test the waters. A viral “Download the Zippo Flame” campaign for Zippo, an innovative word of mouth driven mobile campaign to promote a play in Washington DC called “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” and a highly engaging highschool presentation by DeVry University.Yet for all of the chatter and time spent discussing, Mobile Marketing has not exploded like many had predicted. So, as a marketer that needs to produce tangible results, what should you be thinking of as we head into 2008? How can you dip your toe in the water, without risking valuable resources if the marketplace isn’t ready for us to jump all of the way in? Well, as Smart Phones become more affordable to the masses, we should definitely be prepared so that we aren’t left behind when the day finally comes. Here are some thoughts: