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Re: AdAge - Shops Seek Control in Social-Media Space

Monday, Mar 16 2009

I found this recent AdAge article highly relevant and timely.

But what struck me most was the fact that Abbey Klaassen declared that one of three types of agencies were poised to take the leadership within the Social Media realm - PR agencies, Media agencies and/or Digital agencies. All were mentioned as leaders in the race to claim ownership in this emerging space.

Although I have a somewhat biased view, I believe that there is another type of agency that is the most equipped to help clients leverage the fast and ever-changing social media landscape - the larger, integrated, independent agencies. My rationale stems from the fact that there are so many pieces to the puzzle when delivering successful social media programs.


The end of the integrated marketing era?

Friday, Oct 10 2008

I’ve been surprised recently to hear so many people in our industry claim the era of integrated marketing is coming to an end. They say it’s an overused term, and its meaning has become diluted. If that’s the case, then why did my Google search of “integrated marketing” just turn up 6.6 million hits? A Blog Pulse snapshot indicates the topic is hotter than ever. Clearly, integrated marketing is more than an industry buzz word. It’s actually a concept that isn’t going away any time soon, but the focus has definitely shifted. As digital media becomes ever more prevalent in our society, marketers—clients and agencies alike—are struggling more
than ever to get their arms around how to effectively integrate digital into their marketing programs. MORE

The Question of Integration

Saturday, Jul 21 2007

It occurred to us that a lot of marketers (including us) use the “I” word but often in very different ways. We use the word so often that sometimes we don’t realize we are using it. I asked around for a definition of Integration and heard the following: “It’s all marketing functions working together”; “It’s a communication that works across all channels” and perhaps my favorite “I know it when I see it”. Let’s have some integration and everyone will be happy…YES!..integration.