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My New Favorite Online Ads - Part 2

Saturday, Apr 12 2008

In an earlier post, I sang the praises of the advertising model offered by Another site that is taking an innovative approach to advertising within broadcast media content online is

As television networks continue to make more programming available on the web, they have taken different approaches to incorporating advertising into their online program streams. Most of the networks have basically created a video stream that mirrors their on-air model. They play a portion of the program, then switch to a 30-second advertiser’s spot, then continue on with the program.

But has taken a different tact. Within ABC’s online video player, advertisers have the option to load in a branded web page or even a microsite during the commercial breaks. This branded page is completely under the control of the advertiser, allowing the brand to include a variety of content - video and audio streams, flash product demos, user polls, online games - whatever the brand want to provide. A countdown timer keeps viewers on the advertisers page for the length of a standard TV spot, and after that the user actually needs to click to continue with the program - it doesn’t just start again. This model is really forward thinking for a television network because of all that it offers both the advertiser and the viewer:


The Question of Integration

Saturday, Jul 21 2007

It occurred to us that a lot of marketers (including us) use the “I” word but often in very different ways. We use the word so often that sometimes we don’t realize we are using it. I asked around for a definition of Integration and heard the following: “It’s all marketing functions working together”; “It’s a communication that works across all channels” and perhaps my favorite “I know it when I see it”. Let’s have some integration and everyone will be happy…YES!..integration.