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5 things you can do before 5pm today.

Saturday, May 17 2008

Being submerged in this industry, it’s easy to make assumptions about what people know and don’t know about digital marketing. Some recent conversations with clients and prospects have reminded me that while pretty much everyone has a website and knows how to use email, most are still just trying to figure out search and blogs, let alone Facebook and Twitter…

With that in mind, I thought it was a good time to step back and offer up 5 things that can be completed before 5 PM today. These are smaller parts of much bigger design and strategic picture, but they will at least get you started and pointed in the right direction; setting the stage for when it’s time to expand your digital marketing initiatives.

Let’s assume it’s 11AM…OK, go. MORE

Is it Time to Outsource Online Technology?

Wednesday, Apr 23 2008

So Google is following Amazon and providing a scalable platform for web apps and web services development and hosting In my role I am often caught between the need to follow the latest trends/support where advertising technology takes us, and the ever present challenge to make sure that security, loss of data and service reliability are taken care of.

I often find that many IT departments are in conflict with marketing because they are bound by the requirement to maintain systems and services. And to the IT group that often means keeping everything inhouse. The trend towards hosted apps, mashup sites, open source hosted sites, web service offerings, etc. continues relentlessly. These systems can be integrated and co-exsit with our mainstream online marketing activities. In fact by using the plethora of services available, we can not only reduce our workload, but significantly improve our product offerings, reach more people and drive sales — all while looking like technology hero’s.

I’m not saying that we should follow every trend but we must recognise that there are other solutions that we may not have full control over but do present serious opportunities to lower costs, improve time to market and meet the business goals that we all strive to achieve.