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Interactive Creative Skills Every Agency Needs

Tuesday, Feb 10 2009

Our DC-based creative director Ernie Mosteller caught up with the Capitol Communicator, a site dedicated to communications professionals in the Mid-Atlantic. Check out Ernie’s thinking on how marketing and creative talent need to evolve for the digital age.

The end of the integrated marketing era?

Friday, Oct 10 2008

I’ve been surprised recently to hear so many people in our industry claim the era of integrated marketing is coming to an end. They say it’s an overused term, and its meaning has become diluted. If that’s the case, then why did my Google search of “integrated marketing” just turn up 6.6 million hits? A Blog Pulse snapshot indicates the topic is hotter than ever. Clearly, integrated marketing is more than an industry buzz word. It’s actually a concept that isn’t going away any time soon, but the focus has definitely shifted. As digital media becomes ever more prevalent in our society, marketers—clients and agencies alike—are struggling more
than ever to get their arms around how to effectively integrate digital into their marketing programs. MORE

Turn Up Digital Creative in a Downturn

Wednesday, Feb 20 2008

You can’t read, listen to, or watch anything about business lately that doesn’t have to do with speculation on the economy. A lot of the speculation we in ad agencies read, not surprisingly, centers around how advertising will fare. Because ad budgets are one of the first things affected when businesses sense a downturn.


Digital is not a discipline

Thursday, Aug 23 2007

That probably seems like a weird thing for an Interactive Creative Director to say, but truth is, it’s not. Not a single discipline, anyway. At least, not when you look at the way the people use digital things.