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The 31st Second

Saturday, Nov 29 2008

So you’ve developed a great TV spot for your brand. It’s entertaining, attention-getting, and delivers the message that you want people to remember about your company or product. Or maybe you’ve created a campaign of print ads, beautifully crafted to summarize your primary point of differentiation. But now what? Is that all there is?

There is an old rule of marketing that says people need to be aware before they consider, and consider before they buy. Television and print are great tools for generating awareness. But for many consumers to really consider a product today, they need the richness of information that can’t be delivered in30 seconds or in a few printed lines. Such encounters with a brand are fleeting. To really engage and begin to form a relationship with consumers – to give them the tools that they needs to consider your brand – a greater depth of information and interaction is required.


What Can A Client Do?

Monday, Sep 24 2007

My Top 5 short-list of what a client can bring to the table to strengthen the agency relationship (in no particular order):


The Changing Role of Technology

Tuesday, Sep 4 2007

OK so this is long — but I’m the tech guy so what do you expect?

There’s always that big struggle between what you want to do, what you have and what your budget will stand. Regardless of that it’s important to define what you want to do without limiting yourself by existing infrastructure and policies. You can’t worry about what you can’t do; you have to allow the ideas to set the need and the strategy to define the project. After all you can always lower the scope and still retain much of the original thinking.