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digiday social: A Microcosm of Itself

Wednesday, Mar 18 2009

I attended digiday last week in New York (great stuff, more to come) but the thing that struck me the most was that a real, live social network played itself out in front of me. The dictionary defines network as: an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like:- I think everyone gets that - but here’s the thing - digiday was a social network about social networking. Now before the universe implodes or you say ’so what?’ - what really struck me was the diversity of the people who shared this passion. I guess I sort of new it - but it was eye-opening to watch it in person. We had three-pieces suits sitting next to jeans and t-shirts. People sitting on panels having great, involved discussions who were from major motor companies and large agencies to start up developer shops and those only thinking about how to track social media. Large “traditional” publishers (though not many) next to one-man publishing machines. It crystallized for me how the Internet has allowed the introverts to be extroverted and the extroverted to go crazy. People brought together by a passion (in this case it was the “idea” of social media) but could not be from more diverse backgrounds. That’s why you find a 20-post thread about coldsores on and why the guy in front of me at the lunch buffet who looked liked my college roommate in sweats and Chuck Taylor’s was hugging the young woman who looked like she just stepped out of Project Runway and were extolling the virtues of Twitter and who they were following. The thing about social media (and this conference brought it to life) is that it’s the passions and interest of people that bring them together - bond them. Not everyone looked the same at digiday - and not everyone looks the same on - I think we sometimes forget that.

Social Media Ubiquity: First How, Then What

Monday, Mar 9 2009

We stumbled across this site today – it’s a fantastic resource, but aside from that, we would recommend that you take a quick look (use the purple tab at the bottom to quickly scroll). It illustrates the vast social media world, the rapid pace that it’s evolving, and the sheer enormity of it all.

Every day, we continue to hear these questions from the market:

“We need to be on YouTube!”

“Where’s our Facebook icon?”

Why aren’t we on Twitter?”

We agree that smart digital design should have share-ability baked into its fabric. But we continue to advise: it’s not what tool to use, it’s how you use the tool.

First How. Then What.

Head-To-Head: Pittsburgh’s Brunner Vs. Arizona’s E.B. Lane

Thursday, Feb 5 2009

What do you do when the Super Bowl title is not enough? When you want more competition, more reasons to watch the game and even more reasons to talk about it the next day … and the day after …Well, if you’re an advertising agency in Pittsburgh like Brunner, you go head-to-head with an agency in Phoenix (E. B. Lane) to see who’s got the chops to survive the game and land on top. As die-hard football fans, Brunner and E.B. Lane took Super Sunday festivities to the next level by hosting a joint post-Super Bowl ad survey.

You can view my complete take on the interesting results on MediaPost and please feel free to join in with your perspective by commenting below — we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Politics and lessons in reaching the masses

Tuesday, Oct 7 2008

If politicians are good at one thing - it’s finding the best way to reach the masses, something marketers have been saying for five years is almost impossible with fragmented media.  There are some good lessons and opportunities for foresight if we take a closer look at the role of the Internet in 21st century politics.

As we all know, in 2004, Howard Dean was the Internet candidate.  Despite a failed campaign, Dean proved a candidate could successfully leverage the viral nature of the Internet to corral grassroots support and fundraising.  In 08, Barack Obama has taken that movement to the next level, becoming the first candidate in history to wave public funding in favor of his online machine that has garnered hundreds of millions in $5, $10 and $20 increments.   Essentially, both candidates used the Internet to develop an online brand that became the lifeblood of their campaigns.


Would you pay?

Monday, Sep 22 2008

I read a lot of blogs. All of them are free. The content is good content; and if any of them were to go away I would definitely be disappointed.

So I ask this…would you pay for your favorite blog to keep it around? MORE

The Tip Of The Spear

Friday, Sep 5 2008

Mark Hass, CEO of Publicis’ Manning Selvage & Lee, recently stated the following in the July 28, 2008 Advertising Age article $80 Billion? Online Display Market Is Being Overhyped:

Advertising ought to be designed to support the social-media program, because the tip of the marketing spear ought to be the consumer-generated media piece. Let’s see where consumers take the product and brand, and shape advertising and the rest of the marketing opportunities around that.”

The hypothetical example he provides in the article is “how Febreze might target college students by handing out samples on move-in day. Soon it becomes a subject of conversation within a social network of that community (and if it doesn’t, a brand can suggest it become one, asking students what they’re going to do to make their rooms smell better when their parents come to town).”

While we haven’t been as bold as Mr. Hass, we too at Brunner Digital espouse to our clients that they should be engaging social-media and utilizing it to help mold their advertising campaigns. As our own Creative Director, Ernie Mosteller, wrote in his last post about effective websites, we know it is about content. Content that is compelling to consumers. Content consumers will keep and that they will share. Discover what consumers are doing with your brand on Facebook, MySpace and relevant blogs. Update your site with the brand engagement trends you see in these social-media. You already know it will be attention-grabbing because consumers are creating and sharing it on their own.

The same standard can be applied to 360° advertising campaigns. Given digital dynamic printing and digital production, your direct marketing and broadcast should be able to morph as quickly as your website.

For this to happen, advertisers need to seriously reflect about themselves and their brands. Consumers now expect more-engaging forms of content in every brand marketing communication. If social-media isn’t the tip of your marketing spear, it should at least be a plane of the blade.

Is it Time to Outsource Online Technology?

Wednesday, Apr 23 2008

So Google is following Amazon and providing a scalable platform for web apps and web services development and hosting In my role I am often caught between the need to follow the latest trends/support where advertising technology takes us, and the ever present challenge to make sure that security, loss of data and service reliability are taken care of.

I often find that many IT departments are in conflict with marketing because they are bound by the requirement to maintain systems and services. And to the IT group that often means keeping everything inhouse. The trend towards hosted apps, mashup sites, open source hosted sites, web service offerings, etc. continues relentlessly. These systems can be integrated and co-exsit with our mainstream online marketing activities. In fact by using the plethora of services available, we can not only reduce our workload, but significantly improve our product offerings, reach more people and drive sales — all while looking like technology hero’s.

I’m not saying that we should follow every trend but we must recognise that there are other solutions that we may not have full control over but do present serious opportunities to lower costs, improve time to market and meet the business goals that we all strive to achieve.

Social Network Data: How Far is Too Far?

Monday, Jan 28 2008

One of the most thought provoking articles that I’ve come across in a while appeared in the January 21, 2008 issue of AdAge Magazine ( Essentially the article talks about two very different worlds that are rapidly converging within the social network space.


Digital is not a discipline

Thursday, Aug 23 2007

That probably seems like a weird thing for an Interactive Creative Director to say, but truth is, it’s not. Not a single discipline, anyway. At least, not when you look at the way the people use digital things.