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Am I An Anomaly?

Tuesday, May 27 2008

A few days ago, I was sitting next to a partner of ours who works on our client’s business. He and I share a lot of similarities, including our love of technology. We were comparing each other’s laptops (I was impressed by the incredibly tiny screen on his Vaio), and we mentioned how much we love having our computers, and hence access to the Internet, with us all the time. Our conversation turned to his daughter, now a graduate with a baccalaureate degree who is learning the fine art of creative on the Internet. As he showed me her latest work, we oohed and aahed over the messaging and simplicity of design. We both agreed that we loved seeing this type of thought on the Web.

Then he said a strange thing. He said that his daughter thought of him as an anomaly. Here was this very smart gentleman, in his forties, obviously understanding and grasping how the digital world works (and playing very well in it), and yet his daughter (who has developed psychologically alongside the Internet) thinks of him as a rare species because he does. I was taken aback a bit…for I am around the same age as this suggested dinosaur and yet I am going on year 13 of actually working in this industry. Am I an anomaly, too? Is it just the cool kids out of school who really get it?


Experiential E-Commerce - A Halloween Example

Monday, Oct 8 2007
Although I do quite a bit of my shopping online, I am a fairly traditional shopper. Amazon, iTunes and …. are the typical sites. But having 3 small children and a net-savvy wife (who likes to shop) have broadened my horizons. And recently I have noticed a trend that I will call Experiential E-Commerce.