Re: AdAge - Shops Seek Control in Social-Media Space

Monday, Mar 16 2009

I found this recent AdAge article highly relevant and timely.

But what struck me most was the fact that Abbey Klaassen declared that one of three types of agencies were poised to take the leadership within the Social Media realm - PR agencies, Media agencies and/or Digital agencies. All were mentioned as leaders in the race to claim ownership in this emerging space.

Although I have a somewhat biased view, I believe that there is another type of agency that is the most equipped to help clients leverage the fast and ever-changing social media landscape - the larger, integrated, independent agencies. My rationale stems from the fact that there are so many pieces to the puzzle when delivering successful social media programs.

While any of the agency types that Klaassen mentions, with the right strategic and creative thinkers in place, would certainly have the capability to conceive smart, social media driven programs - they would all almost certainly need to bring in other partners or outsource certain aspects of the program due to their vertical skill sets - and that can become problematic when it comes time to quickly react to consumer feedback, or to a certain aspect of the program that is working well - or not.

The elements of successful social media programs include all of those that the article mentions - Digital, PR and Media (although I would rank traditional media toward the bottom in importance). But other skill sets are equally important including Creativity, Content Development, Business Intelligence and 1-to-1 (isn’t social media the ultimate 1-to-1 conversation?). While specialized agencies will continue to play an important role, Social Media blurs the lines like never before and agencies that deliver holistic thinking as a natural way of working are poised to lead the way.

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