Your Brand and a New President

Tuesday, Jan 27 2009

Change is definitely in the air, but don’t get overzealous about transferring the mobile marketing success of Obama’s campaign on to your brand.  Here’s what I mean by that.  Did the campaign strategists for the  44th President of the United States do a great job with their mobile marketing strategy?  Absolutely!  Who is going to argue with nearly 3 million text messages sent to an opted in audience announcing Obama’s choice for vice president?   But they also were working with a strong and growing brand – and they utilized many different channels of communication.

They just happened to do an exceptional job of linking everything together – from TV advertising to You Tube to a mobile Internet site to print advertising to out-of-home advertising to mobile banner ads.  From my POV, they did exactly what smart marketers do – they took a 360 degree approach to communicating the story of their brand AND they gave the audience every opportunity to interact and stay up to date from the beginning of the campaign to “post purchase/vote” and through the inauguration.  They also happened to collect a lot of valuable data and insight along the way.  So before leaping onto the mobile bandwagon, you might take some lessons from the holistic approach of the Obama campaign and then hopefully, your audience will vote as enthusiastically for your brand as they did for our newest President.

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