The “Anti-How-to-Market-In-a-Down-Economy” Post

Thursday, Jan 22 2009

The world needs another “how to market in a down economy” blog post like a hole in the head.  For every person who touts the fact that “now is the best time to advertise” there is someone else writing about the virtues of shifting all efforts to measured online media, or shifting everything to the more economical social media.  In fact here’s a link to Business Week’s conglomeration of related articles -  Enough!

Rather than getting caught up in all of the debate to the point that we get paralysis by analysis here’s what we’re doing to promote our business — the same thing that we always do.

1) We’ve defined our goals up front, and we’ve defined success.  From there, we’ve planned a mix of tactics that makes sense for our budget this year but more importantly, we’re leveraging what worked last year — and we’re refining or eliminating what didn’t work.

2) We’ve set aside a budget for innovation and experimentation.  Can we try everything new that comes along?  No.  Are we going to try a handful so that we continue learning what works for us? Absolutely.

3) We’re focusing on ideas.  A great idea transcends everything — in a down, or up, economy a great idea will always get noticed.

4) Focus on great customer service.  Keeping, and growing, existing business will always be a proven strategy.

My goal moving forward is to not read another article or post about how to market (or not) in a down economy.  Maybe it’s a leap of faith but I feel like simply staying focused on what’s right for our business is the way to go — regardless of the economy situation of today.

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